Indoor playgrounds and playground equipment

August 10, 2016 - Indoor playgrounds, Playground equipment
Indoor playgrounds and playground equipment

Indoor playgrounds and playground equipment

ASKA company create indoor playgrounds with all equipment or rent playground equipment. All products are with high level of quality and safety and standardize with EN 1176 standards. Beside technical things ASKA have designers and creative workers with a lot of ideas who make your space interesting for kids.

List of playground equipment:

1. Labyrinths– padded metal constructions

  • Indoor playgrounds and playground equipment
    Small labyrinth

2. Padded surfaces and mats with sponges

3. Slope surfaces with different obstacles and sliding surfaces

4. Padded trammels with sponge

5. Rollers for rolling

6. Pools with balls

7. Nets- polyamide 4mm, handmade nodes, can be in different colors

8. Climbing nets- jute or hemp

9. Climbing rope- jute or hemp

10. Ladders- rope with wooden crossbar

11. Trampolines- for young kids different size and shapes

12. Trampolines for older kids- padded

13. Tunnels- regular, transparent,punctured, like train,etc…

14. Extreme planes of climbing with protective surfaces

15. Climbing wall- different size

16. Different size and shape hanging equipment

17. Painted walls

18. Slides- flat, double, spiral

19. Extreme slides

20. Sponge swings

21. Tables- different shapes and size

22. Tabourets in different colors

23. Shoe closets

24. Carousels

25. Volcano

26. Cannons

27. Jumping arenas

28. Houses for children play

29. Liana- Zip line

30. Laser Maze-training center

31. 3D figures and decor

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