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Kirstie Alley, 'Cheers' and 'Veronica's Closet' star, dead at 71

Actress Kirstie Alley has died after a brief battle with cancer, her children announced on social media.

John Travolta and Kirstie Alley: A love story

Kirstie Alley and John Travolta were never romantically involved, but that wasn't how she initially wanted it.

Chelsea Handler, Leslie Jones and John Leguizamo among guest hosts to step in for Trevor Noah on 'The Daily Show'

The end of an era is fast approaching at Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," and the network has announced at least the first phase of plans for what's to come next.

Ashton Kutcher and twin Michael talk health, guilt and rift between them

In a rare interview, twin brothers Ashton and Michael Kutcher talked about both their bond and their rift.

Bong Joon Ho's 'Mickey 17' gets trailer and release date

A first look at "Parasite" director Bong Joon Ho's new movie is here.

K-pop band Blackpink selected as Time Entertainer of the Year 2022

Global pop sensation Blackpink have been chosen as Time magazine's 2022 Entertainer of the Year, making the four-woman band the second K-pop artists to earn the title, after BTS in 2020.

Gabourey Sidibe reveals she's been secretly married for over a year

It turns out that Gabourey Sidibe has been even busier than previously thought since the beginning of the pandemic.

'Harry & Meghan' series gets release date and new trailer

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have an early Christmas gift for their supporters.

Jill Scott announces 'Who is Jill Scott? Words & Sounds Vol. 1' 23rd anniversary tour

After a 20th-anniversary tour of Jill Scott's chart-topping album, "Who Is Jill Scott?: Words and Sounds Vol I" was forced to end prematurely due to the pandemic, it will resume.

Adam Sandler still gets emotional singing sweet Chris Farley song

Adam Sandler will always Chris Farley.

Neil Diamond surprises audience with 'Sweet Caroline' performance at Broadway opening of 'A Beautiful Noise'

Neil Diamond sang "Sweet Caroline" at the Broadway opening of his musical" A Beautiful Noise," five years after retiring due to his Parkinson's diagnosis.

George Clooney has a simple strategy for being a star in the age of social media

George Clooney has a surefire way for staying out of trouble as a public figure in the age of social media: stay off of it.

Ben Affleck says Netflix's 'assembly line' approach to making quality films is 'an impossible job'

Ben Affleck is sounding off on how movies are being made in today's age of Netflix and other streaming platforms, which offer an ever-expanding glut of content.

Keke Palmer reveals baby bump as part of her 'Saturday Night Live' opening monologue

Some people like singing their good news from the rooftops, but in Keke Palmer's case, it was done on live television in front of millions of viewers.

Christine McVie's music: 5 songs to listen to in her honor

There's a reason why Christine McVie was considered the heart of Fleetwood Mac.

Axl Rose will stop tossing mic after a fan was reportedly injured

Axl Rose is ending a 30-year Guns N' Roses tradition.

Harrison Ford cracks the whip in teaser trailer for 'Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny'

It's a name so iconic, he comes with his own theme song, and boy, is it a sweet sound.

'Willow' revives the Lucasfilm fantasy with a more contemporary streaming adventure

Disney's press materials refer to the original 1988 movie "Willow" as "beloved," which despite its admirers feels like nostalgic inflation of a pretty generic George Lucas-plotted fantasy that provided an early directing showcase for Ron Howard. Setting that aside, a Disney+ revival series isn't without its charms, in a more contemporary narrative that brings back Warwick Davis while focusing on the next generation.

'Love Actually' director feels 'a bit stupid' about movie's lack of diversity

Every year, as the days grow colder and Christmas draws nearer, "Love Actually" quickly becomes a festive favorite on people's television screens.

Joe Pesci says playing Harry in the 'Home Alone' films came with some 'serious' pain

They say artists have to be willing to do anything for their art, and for Joe Pesci, that includes setting his head on fire.

Inside Christine McVie's and Stevie Nicks' decades-long friendship

Throughout the various personal turmoils for which the members of Fleetwood Mac are known, one relationship buoyed the band for decades: the friendship between its two frontwomen, Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks.

Will Smith, opening up about Oscars slap, tells Trevor Noah 'hurt people hurt people'

Will Smith opened up to Trevor Noah about the now-famous slap at the Oscars in March during an appearance that aired Monday night on "The Daily Show."

'Super Mario Bros. Movie' trailer shows being a hero isn't all fun and games

Mario learns that being a hero is a tough gig in the new trailer for "Super Mario Bros. Movie."

'The Phantom of the Opera' extends Broadway run for eight weeks due to high demand

The music of the night will continue for eight weeks longer than expected.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West reach divorce settlement

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have come to a divorce agreement, a source with knowledge of the negotiations tells CNN.

Marsai Martin and Omari Harwick play to win in 'Fantasy Football'

The new film "Fantasy Football" capitalizes on some of its stars natural talent.

In 'Wednesday,' Jenna Ortega makes Netflix's Addams Family series look like a snap

Although the main character's name was inspired by the poetic line "Wednesday's child is full of woe," "Wednesday" is generally a delight, thanks almost entirely to Jenna Ortega. Having outgrown her Disney Channel days, Ortega makes the Addams Family's now-high-school-age daughter the coolest humorless goth sociopath you'll ever meet, in a Netflix series that's more kooky than spooky or ooky.

'Glass Onion' sharpens the 'Knives Out' formula in a polished Netflix sequel

Rising to the challenge of matching its successful predecessor, "Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery" maintains the razor-sharp formula, with a setup that feels even more conspicuously like an Agatha Christie homage before an extremely clever series of twists kick in. Writer-director Rian Johnson again assembles a solid cast behind Daniel Craig, but it's his use of language -- where nary a word is wasted -- that finally gives the sequel its edge.

'Love Actually' cast to reunite for 20th anniversary TV special

One of the most beloved modern Christmas classics is turning 20 next year, and to mark the occasion, cast members from the landmark 2003 romantic comedy "Love Actually" are reuniting for a TV special to air on ABC next week, the network announced Tuesday.

James Cameron almost didn't choose Leonardo DiCaprio or Kate Winslet to star in 'Titanic'

James Cameron is sharing some surprising details from the making of his blockbuster hit "Titanic," which celebrates 25 years of being released next month. - Technology

How to outsmart fake news in your Facebook feed

Fake news is actually really easy to spot -- if you know how. Consider this your New Media Literacy Guide.

Revealed: Winners of the 'Oscars of watches'

It's the prize giving ceremony that everyone's on time for.

Driverless 'Roborace' car makes street track debut

It is a car kitted out with technology its developers boldly predict will transform our cities and change the way we live.

Flying a sports car with wings

Piloting one of the breed of light aircraft is said to be as easy as driving a car

Brightest supermoon since 1948

See photos of November's supermoon -- the brightest in nearly 70 years.

This NASA astronaut voted from space

From infinity and beyond, he found a way to vote.

Teen girls prepare for space launch

Teenage girls have designed Africa's first private satellite due to launch into space in 2017. It's hoped it can monitor and find answers to South Africa's drought crisis.

Going to space is a real pain in the back

A six-month stay on the International Space Station can be a pain in the back for astronauts. While they may gain up to 2 inches in height temporarily, that effect is accompanied by a weakening of the muscles supporting the spine, according to a new study.

Russian gamers race to prevent nuclear 'war'

"Attention! Attention!" blares the Russian voice from a loudspeaker. "The nuclear bombs will be launched in one hour."

What parents should know about the VR gear kids want

Thinking about treating your family to a little virtual reality this holiday? Have no idea where to start? Don't worry. From Google's inexpensive Cardboard VR viewer to Sony's new PlayStation VR, this guide will help you figure out what makes sense for your family's interests, needs and budget.

Japan's boom in weird wearable tech

What do Discman, Tamagotchi, and Game Boy have in common?

Cell phones, screens are keeping your kid awake

These days, teachers often face classrooms filled with yawning students who stayed up late snapping selfies or playing online games. - RSS Channel - App International Edition

Israel protests erupt amid deepening political crisis after Netanyahu fires defense minister

Israel's former prime minister Bennett urged Netanyahu to suspend planned reform and rescind minister's dismissal

Watch protesters flood Tel Aviv highway

Journalist Elliott Gotkine reports from Tel Aviv, Israel, where thousands of protesters have flooded the streets on the day Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fired his defense minister, Yoav Gallant, who had opened up a rift in the government by calling for a pause to controversial plans to overhaul the country's court system. This protest is a continuation of demonstrations going on for months across the country.

NATO calls Russia's nuclear rhetoric 'dangerous and irresponsible'

Putin declares tactical nuclear plan. Read the fine print.

Russia's tactical nuclear weapons explaiend

Recent events in Ukraine have led to fears Russia could use a tactical nuclear weapon to tip the war in its favor. A specialist in nuclear escalation and deterrence explains what that could mean

Trump leans into extremism at first 2024 rally as legal woes mount

Donald Trump is igniting his White House bid at a moment of unprecedented peril in the criminal investigations against him -- a confluence that could send America into a new political and legal collision.

As flooding increases, these cities are designed to work with -- not against -- the water. Here's how they're doing it

FDIC announces First-Citizens Bank & Trust Company to purchase assets of Silicon Valley Bank

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has announced that First-Citizens Bank & Trust Company will purchase all deposits and loans of Silicon Valley Bridge Bank.

Myanmar junta throws huge military parade days after new US sanctions

Myanmar's ruling military paraded an arsenal of weapons in the capital Naypyidaw on Monday, in a grand display of force days after the United States imposed fresh sanctions against the junta for inflicting "pain and suffering on the people of Burma."

IMF chief warns of 'risks' to global financial stability, but China showing signs of recovery

The head of the International Monetary Fund called for greater vigilance over the global financial system during a speech in China on Sunday in which she also pointed to "green shoots" emerging in the world's second-largest economy.

Delta passenger opens door, deploys emergency exit slide on plane at Los Angeles airport

A Delta Air Lines passenger was arrested after opening one of the plane's doors and sliding down an emergency exit slide as the plane prepared for takeoff from Los Angeles to Seattle Saturday, officials said.

Zakaria says most interesting part of Putin-Xi meeting got least attention

CNN's Fareed Zakaria discusses the potential impact on the US dollar after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he favors using the Chinese yuan for financial settlements with other countries.

Four weeks of paternity leave. But in this country, fathers are too afraid to take it

A child riding on his father's shoulders smiles as they stroll through a park lined with yellow autumn-touched leaves -- that is the typical image of a Japanese "ikumen".

Asian Americans are anxious about hate crimes. TikTok ban rhetoric isn't helping

Ellen Min doesn't go to the grocery store anymore. She avoids bars and going out to eat with her friends; festivals and community events are out, too. This year, she opted not to take her kids to the local St. Patrick's Day parade.

What's 'digital blackface?' And why is it wrong when White people use it?

Maybe you shared that viral video of Kimberly "Sweet Brown" Wilkins telling a reporter after narrowly escaping an apartment fire, "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

Jon Stewart: This is why Trump became popular in the first place

Comedian and television host Jon Stewart discusses the Manhattan District Attorney's possible indictment of former President Donald Trump with CNN's Fareed Zakaria.

At least 28 migrants die as boat sinks off Tunisia

At least 19 migrants from sub-Saharan Africa died when their boat sank off the coast of Tunisia as they tried to cross the Mediterranean to Italy, a human rights group said on Sunday.

'I am not scared': Disqualified Gandhi will continue questioning Modi

Indian opposition leader Rahul Gandhi said on Saturday he had been disqualified from parliament because he has been asking Prime Minister Narendra Modi tough questions about his relationship with Gautam Adani, founder of the Adani conglomerate.

From 20 dollars in his pocket to a dumpling empire: Din Tai Fung founder dies, age 96

The founder of one of the world's biggest dumpling empires has died.

Australia loves its kangaroos so much it sets annual quotas to kill them

Kangaroos are on Australia's coat of arms and the tail of the national airline, but every year state authorities allow licensed hunters to kill millions of them.

Pope Francis expands Catholic Church sexual abuse law to cover lay leaders

Pope Francis has updated a 2019 church law governing clerical sexual abuse and extended it to include accountability for Catholic lay leaders of Vatican-approved religious organizations.

Tapper presses GOP lawmaker on letter he sent about possible Trump indictment

The Republican chairmen of three House committees sent a letter to the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg criticizing his investigation into former President Donald Trump. CNN's Jake Tapper presses Rep. James Comer (R-KY) about the letter he signed.

Tourist survives bungee jump fall in Thailand after cord snaps

Some thrill seekers describe bungee jumping as a near-death experience, but few come quite as close as one man who managed to survive his cord snapping in Thailand.

Daniel Radcliffe and longtime girlfriend Erin Darke expecting first child

Daniel Radcliffe and his girlfriend Erin Darke are going to be parents.

Zipline's new delivery drone comes with cute 'droid' for precise delivery

Logistics startup Zipline unveiled its newest drone, Platform 2, and aims for precise delivery with the help of a small, tethered "droid."

Nearly 8 million driver license numbers and passport numbers stolen in Australia

Digital payments and lending firm Latitude Holdings said on Monday that 7.9 million Australian and New Zealand driver license numbers were stolen in a large-scale information theft on March 16.

It's one of the world's best Chinese restaurants. But it's not in China

Inside a dimly lit dining room, chef Tomoya Kawada of Sazenka is drawing a yin-yang diagram on a notepad as he explains his dreams for the distant future.

Ukrainian farmers use hands to dig out landmines meant to destroy tanks

CNN's Ivan Watson reports on the farmers in Ukraine who are digging landmines out of their fields by hand in a desperate attempt to start their spring sowing.

'World's longest' bus journey will take 56 days to cross Europe

Fancy spending two months traveling overland from Istanbul to London without ever having to get behind the wheel?

As Antarctica's penguins struggle with record low sea ice, one species is adapting -- and it offers lessons to us all

One hundred years ago, colorful canaries warned humans of the hidden hazards of digging for coal by riding shotgun down the mine and dropping dead.

Thanks to AI, Doctor Dolittle may not be the only human talking to animals

The field of digital bioacoustics uses advanced sensors and artificial intelligence technology to observe and decode how many species use their own communication methods to share information with each other. Discovery's Curiosity Daily podcast helps you get smarter about the world around you. Find Curiosity Daily today on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get podcasts. Listen now.

Pharrell Williams and Lorraine Schwartz team up for sale featuring iconic celebrity-worn jewelry

Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively. These are just some of the names Lorraine Schwartz reels off as she points out items of exquisite jewelry kept in a row of glass vitrines.

All the restaurants Eva Longoria visits in 'Searching for Mexico'

You'll no doubt be hungry after watching "Eva Longoria: Searching for Mexico."

Watch Dana Carvey impersonate President Biden talking about Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler is the 2023 recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. He was honored at a ceremony in Washington, DC where many of his close friends paid him tribute by poking fun at him.

England hands Ukraine defeat on emotional night at Wembley Stadium

The sight of Ukrainian flags flying along Wembley Way -- the road approaching the iconic Wembley Stadium -- took on extra significance Sunday as Ukraine faced England in its Euro 2024 qualifier.

World's oldest drag queen, Darcelle XV, dead at 92

Darcelle XV, the Guinness World Record holder for oldest drag queen performer, died Thursday at 92, her Portland, Oregon, cabaret announced on social media.

Former F1 driver Nelson Piquet fined nearly $1 million for racist and homophobic comments against Lewis Hamilton

Three-time Formula One champion Nelson Piquet was ordered to pay a fine of nearly $1 million (five million reais) in moral damages for racist and homophobic comments aimed at Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, a court ruling published on Friday said.

Watch Gwyneth Paltrow on the stand describe her anger over ski collision

Gwyneth Paltrow takes the stand in her civil trial stemming from a 2016 skiing accident in Park City, Utah.

A hidden pandemic: the orphans Covid has left behind

"Papa died last night, but his death is not the end."

See zebra roam the streets of Seoul after escaping from zoo

A zebra called Sero turned heads in Seoul's Gwangjin district. It explored the streets for hours before being tranquilized.

Reminders of war motivate Ukraine to perform 'miracle' against England

It may be thousands of miles from the frontline, but the Ukrainian soccer team is never far from the horrors of war.

Make the must-try Mexico City dessert

Sweet and crunchy on the outside, soft and dense on the inside, the sticks of fried dough called churros are a popular treat across Mexico.

This woman left her AirPods on a plane. She tracked them to an airport worker's home

We've had people tracking their bags when airlines can't find them. Now here's something new: a passenger tracking an item she left on a plane -- to an airport employee's home.

'Full on imposter syndrome': Sudeikis on his early years at "Saturday Night Live"

Jason Sudeikis joins CNN's Jake Tapper to discuss his Apple TV+ hit show "Ted Lasso," where they also talk about his early years on "Saturday Night Live" from being a writer to being on air as a cast member.

Venice hunts for 'idiot' who jumped off three-story building into canal

Italian authorities are searching for a man who jumped off a three-story building into a canal in Venice on Thursday.

This baseball team chose an exploding whale as its new identity

For four games only, the Eugene Emeralds will re-brand and become the Eugene Exploding Whales.

Thousands took to streets of Tel Aviv after Prime Minister Netanyahu fired minister over his opposition to planned reform

• Video: Watch protesters flood Tel Aviv highway

A threat to democracy or much-needed reform? Israel's judicial overhaul explained

For months, hundreds of thousands of Israelis have been taking to the streets across the country to protest far-reaching changes to Israel's legal system some say threaten the country's democratic foundations.

Putin declares tactical nuclear plan. Read the fine print

• Russia takes no chances in defense of Crimea • Video: Russia expert decodes Putin's nuclear threat - RSS Channel - Regions - Europe

Russia is bruised as winter approaches. Can Ukraine land another blow?




Are cell phone calls on airplane flights inevitable?

Ah, holiday travel. Between huge crowds and weather delays, flying during this time of year is hectic. Now close your eyes and imagine the entire scenario with one additional annoyance: Loud talkers yammering into their cell phones at 35,000 feet.

'Hamlet' in the skies? The story behind Taiwan's newest airline

Debuting its first flights in January 2020, Taiwanese start-up STARLUX Airlines could be the first new player in 30 years to upend the island's duopoly aviation market.

Copenhagen's new Metro is a thing of beauty

In Copenhagen, traffic is usually caused by the two-wheel variety of transportation: the bicycle.

The hotel designed for likes

The best luxury bars in Budapest

Budapest 's fine dining revolution

Luxury atop one of the world's tallest hotels

From traditional souks, mosques and UNESCO World Heritage sites, to futuristic skyscrapers, Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, offers an eclectic mix of old and new.

They say he lived to be 168. Here's how

There are a number of destinations around the world famed for the longevity of their residents.

This fire has been burning for 4,000 years

"This fire has burned 4,000 years and never stopped," says Aliyeva Rahila. "Even the rain coming here, snow, wind -- it never stops burning."

Clearing land mines by hand, farmers in Ukraine risk their lives for planting season

The first time Oleksandr Havriluk returned to his farm after it had been stormed and occupied by Russian troops, tears rolled down his face when he saw what they had left behind.

March 26, 2023 Russia-Ukraine news

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he plans to station tactical nuclear weapons in neighboring Belarus. Meanwhile, fighting remains fierce in the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut.

Preparations for 'de-occupation': Annexed Crimea not forgotten by Ukraine

While the fury of conflict echoes across the eastern Donbas region, a very different war is being waged in Crimea: one of night-time explosions, sabotage and disinformation.

Wagner in 'full control' of AZOM plant in Bakhmut, reports Russian state media

Russia's private military group Wagner has taken "full control" of the AZOM metallurgical plant in the north of the city of Bakhmut, according to video posted by Russian state media and verified by CNN.

Analysis: Putin scares the world to distract from his problems

Vladimir Putin says he plans to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, the neighboring ally from which he staged part of his February 2022 invasion of Ukraine. When the Russian president uses the word "nuclear" the world pays attention and that appears to be a major reason why he said it.

Pope Francis expands Catholic Church sexual abuse law

The new norms represent Pope Francis' pledge to offer "concrete measures" to combat sexual abuse.

March 25, 2023 Russia-Ukraine news

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he plans to station tactical nuclear weapons in neighboring Belarus. Meanwhile, fighting remains fierce in the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut.

Sicilian island sees record-high migrant arrivals by boat

A record of more than 2,000 migrants arrived on the Sicilian island of Lampedusa in the past day, an Italian official said on Saturday.

The far out, far-right plot that Germany is still trying to unravel

An extremist and until recently almost unheard-of network in Germany is back in the spotlight after police carried out nationwide raids against it.

March 24, 2023 - Russia-Ukraine news

Deadly Russian strikes overnight killed three people in the eastern Donetsk region and two in the northern region of Sumy, officials said.

Vladimir Putin Fast Facts

Read CNN's Fast Facts about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A Ukrainian orphanage tried to hide its children when war began. Then the Russians came

A boom of artillery fire shook the ground as Olena opened the gate to the Kherson Children's Home. It's been empty since Russian officials took the children away.

King Charles state visit to France postponed amid violent pension protests

King Charles's state visit to France has been postponed amid planned protests over the French government's controversial pension reforms.

Ukraine eyes an offensive around Bakhmut, as Russian momentum stalls

Russian forces are depleted in Bakhmut and a Ukrainian counter-offensive could soon be launched, one of Kyiv's top generals has said, raising the prospect of an unlikely turnaround in the besieged city.

March 23, 2023 - Russia-Ukraine news

Russian forces are depleted in Bakhmut and a Ukrainian counter-offensive could soon be launched, one of Kyiv's top generals said, raising the prospect of an unlikely turnaround in the besieged city.

Cristiano Ronaldo Fast Facts

Read CNN's Fast Facts about soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo to learn about the all-time leading male goalscorer in international football.

The new Prince of Wales is not afraid to take sides

Royal tours are normally planned months in advance. But the Prince of Wales' surprise trip to Poland this week was a rare anomaly. Pulled together relatively last minute, it came at his personal request.

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'Come to your senses now!' Israel's president tells Netanyahu to halt reforms as sacking sparks mass protests

Israel's president has called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to "stop the legislative process immediately" after the PM triggered widespread protests by sacking his defence minister for objecting to judicial reforms.

'I often find a corpse': How Tunisia has become the deadly route of choice for migrants trying to make it to Europe

Crowds slowly take shape as we drive down a long dirt road cutting through Sfax's famed olive groves.

'Fire tourists' urged to keep away as blazes force hundreds from their homes in eastern Spain

"Fire tourists" have been urged to keep away from blazes raging in eastern Spain after wildfire season arrived earlier than expected.

At least 29 dead after migrant boat sinks off Tunisia coast

The bodies of a further 10 people have been recovered after a boat sank off the coast of Tunisia - bringing the total number of dead to 29 - a security official has said.

Risk of more severe weather in Mississippi 'getting worse and worse' after deadly tornado

The risks of more severe weather in tornado-ravaged Mississippi "seem to be getting worse and worse", the governor has warned.

Tornado kills at least 26 as storms tear through southern US states

At least 26 people have died after a powerful tornado ripped through several southern US states, destroying buildings and knocking out power.

Three people still missing as four die in chocolate factory explosion

A fourth person was confirmed dead and three people remained unaccounted for two days after an explosion at a chocolate factory in a small town in Pennsylvania.

Iran issues warning after US strikes on Syria left 19 dead

Strikes on Iranian-linked bases will be met with an "immediate counter-response" after the reported deaths of 19 people in US attacks on Syria, an Iranian security spokesperson has warned.

Human blood 'to drench St Paul's Cathedral' in protest over Prince Harry's kill claim

Human blood is set to "drench" one of the UK's most famous landmarks in a protest over Prince Harry's controversial remarks about the number of people he killed in Afghanistan.

Buyer found for Silicon Valley Bank

A buyer has been found for the collapsed Silicon Valley Bank, the banking failure that heralded the financial unrest still being felt across financial markets.