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Aska play areas and equipment are brought to you with love and imagination. Special attention has been devoted to quality and safety. All products and materials are certificated to the highest standards.
We have delivered a huge number of successful projects. That include indoor playgrounds of all sizes, birthday rooms, trampoline parks, and outdoor play areas. Our experience in accommodating all kinds of requirements has placed us as leaders in the industry.
We continue to be innovators with content, form and design. 3D elements, painting and decor create an exciting, colorful world which children can enter. Integrated play equipment in the form of animals, ships, vehicles and more, create a stimulating environment for play. Our trampoline parks attract users of all ages, for sport and fitness as well as recreation.
Aska products are long lasting- our playgrounds include some of the oldest in the area, which remain competitive and continue to provide an attractive and safe play experience.

List of all equipment that we produce you can find HERE.

Why Aska playgrounds:

1. 15 years experience in the business
2. All our products have one year warranty
3. Linens have factory warranty (5years) We use the highest quality materials
4. Slides are attested
5. String nets are also certified
6. Professionalism
7. Maximum use of space
8. Popular prices
9. We use the highest quality materials
10. All this and much more …